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Tom Paxton is a song writer and folk singer who has been popular since the early 1960s.  He wrote some of the songs John Denver sang, as well as the Chad Mitchell Trio, Peter, Paul and Mary, and scores of other famous singers.

Tom spent a week as a member of the Chad Mitchell Trio, but his voice didn’t blend with the other two members of the group (NOTE:  This is being mentioned as mere trivia, as Mr. Paxton has a beautiful voice and has had a long, successful career that is still going strong.  It is just an interesting piece of trivia to those of us who are “folkies”).

The photo above was taken on April 19, 2013 in Lansing, Michigan after Tom had given a 2-hour concert and signed hundreds of autographs.  The concert was absolutely wonderful.  The audience loved him, and gave such a long standing ovation that he was compelled to return to the stage and sing a few extra songs.  I have to say, I absolutely love celebrities who love their fans.  He is a true gentleman and a wonderful human being.

IMG_0238 IMG_0267 IMG_0243

The three photos above were taken at the Irish Fest in Milwaukee August 17-19. 2-13.

I  first met Mr. Paxton a few years ago in Williamsburg, Virginia.  I’m so glad he’s still around to sing to us, as so many of his contemporaries are gone.  He’s still going strong, and doesn’t seem to be even close to retirement, which is encouraging for a young 53 year-old like me.

Sit back and enjoy these videos – you are in for a treat!!!

“My Pony Knows the Way” (one of my favorites):

“Jennifer and Kate”: 

“Ramblin’ Boy” (I’ve heard Tom dedicate song to John Denver):  

“Comedians and Angels” (this song means more to me as I get older): ll 

“Whose Garden Was This?” (this recording was a tribute to John Denver):

“Bottle of Wine”:

“Jimmy Newman”:

“Train For Auschwitz”:

“The Bravest”:

“The Marvelous Toy” (this is sang with Peter and Paul from Peter, Paul and Mary):

“I Lost My Heart on a 747”:

“I Give You the Morning”:

“The Last Thing On My Mind”:

John Denver singing Tom Paxton’s “The Last Thing On My Mind”: 

“Looking for the Moon”:

“Jennifer’s Rabbit”:

“What If…No Matter”:

“Bobbit” (this one will leave you in stitches!!!):

“The Marvelous Toy”  (Tom): 


I went to Tom Paxton’s birthday party concert at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia on October 27.  The concert was wonderful!!!  Here are some photos:


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