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I am not the best singer, nor the best guitar player.  However, my friends tell me that they enjoy hearing me sing and play my guitar.  I enjoy doin g it because it’s a very relaxing activity, and gives me another experience with my favorite songs.  This page is for those friends and others who dare to hear me.  This is nothing professional by all means, just done with my computer’s web cam.

“My Sweet Lady”:  My Sweet Lady

“The House of the Rising Sun”:  House of the Rising Sun

“500 Miles”:  Five hundred miles

A favorite John Denver song, “Shanghai Breezes”:  Shanghai Breezes

The video below is a favorite of my friends.  I was singing “Blowin’ in the Wind” and Emmett was behind me, yelling at me to shut up!!!




The following song is a Tom Paxton song about peace marches:  How Beautiful Upon the Mountain

This is a song that John Denver recorded around 1990.  Fans note this as one of his most beautiful songs (hope I didn’t butcher it too much).  Click on the title:  The Flower That Shattered the Stone

Click this link for the video of “Perhaps Love”:  perhaps 210 (9-11-2012 9-07 PM)

One of my favorite of John Denver’s Love Songs:  Follow Me

Shiloh helped me with the following one.  This song has a lot of meaning to me because, just a few days after John Denver’s death, something very unusual happened.  I couldn’t sleep, and was tossing and turning in bed, thinking about John and wondering where he was (was he in heaven?  In hell?  In limbo somewhere?).  I am a Christian, but I was experiencing so much grief that my faith was shaky at that moment.  I finally decided to get up, and noticed that it was 4:00.  I went to the living room and turned on the TV, and there was a news break where the authorities had checked John Denver’s blood and had found no drugs nor alcohol in his system.  After that, they broke live to Cape Canaveral and NASA was counting down the launch of the Cassini space craft.  I then remembered I’d been told that shuttle launches could be seen from where we lived.  I opened the front door and looked outside at the sky; there was a HUGE ball of fire going up into the sky – it lit up the entire northern sky!  I’ve told this story (with a little more detail) on my page about John Denver and love, and told how I believe that incident and the song “Flying for Me” gave me the answer as to where John was.  I then was listening to this song a few days later, and noticed the words to the 2nd verse of this song also had taken on a new meaning.

By the way, after I recorded this song, Shiloh decided that he should be sitting on me whenever I play my guitar.  Now he squawks loudly in his cage whenever he sees me with my guitar!  He is such a darling little bird.  Click on the name of the song title to watch this video:  Dreamland Express with Shiloh

This is a gorgeous song about planting a garden (very cute):  The Garden Song


I recorded myself singing “The Peace Carol.”  Click on the title below to play it.  Merry Christmas!!!

peace carol

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