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I would make my job a work of art. I would like whatever it is that I’m doing – everyone’s experience of me, everyone’s interaction with me, everyone’s discussion, conversation, relationship with me – [to be] an event within which they get to see who they are. I would make of my life a work of art. ” John Denver


I am a 1982 graduate of the Herron School of Art, which is a part of Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (Bachelor of Fine Arts degree).  My degree is from Indiana University.  Art school was a great experience.

I studied portrait painting and life drawing under Edmund Brucker, who was listed in “Whose Who in American Art.” Mr. Brucker always called me “Mary Cassatt” because I did pastel portraits in an impressionistic style (a REAL compliment, as Mary Cassatt was a fantastic artist). I will be using this page to post some of my art for you to see.

One of my biggest challenges to showing my artwork to others is that portraits are done on commission and sold as soon as they are completed.  I don’t have a group of paintings to show people; only photos of my work, when I remember to take them before the buyer takes them home.


The above oil painting was done as a birthday gift to Tom Paxton.  He sent it to his home town in Oklahoma to be hung in an arts center there.  Although I’ve never been able to do art for a living, the one thing I love the most about being an artist is that I can create beautiful gifts for the people in my life that I care about.  (Some parts of the background look a little odd because the paint was still wet when this photo was taken; it created a glare with the light).  This painting is 36″ wide and 48″ tall.

This pastel painting was done of a college friend. It was larger than life, and made of 4 sheets of pastel paper joined together.

This is a photo of the actual model, posing

Close up of face

Close up of hands

Oil portrait of a husky

Oil painting of a while kitten


Carol Portrait

Carol Posing

Man Portrait

Man Posing

Red haired boy Portrait

Red haired boy Posing

Young Woman Portrait

Young Woman Posing





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