Meet the pets!

For those of you who don’t have pets, you don’t know what you’re missing.  My pets truly make my house a home.
One of the many things I loved about John Denver was that he also loved animals.  Here are some links to videos of some of his animal songs:

Eagles and Horses:

The Eagle and the Hawk:

And You Say that the Battle is Over:

To the Wild Country:

Front (left to right): Ziggy, Susie Q
Middle: Teddy Bear
Back: Fuzz

I have oodles of poodles!!!

Emmett playing with toilet paper roll

Emmett is my blue and gold macaw.  Macaw ownership is like having a toddler in the household.  Emmett wants my constant attention, and will throw a temper tantrum if I don’t pay attention to him.  Emmett is a good talker, and calls me “Grandma.”  When I’m home, he calls, “Grandma!  Grandma!” constantly (just like a child calls “Mommy” all day long).  He also lets us know when he wants to go to bed at night; he says, “Go night-night, Go night-night” until his cage is covered.  If we don’t cover his cage, he throws a temper tantrum.


My lutino mutant Indian ringneck
Shiloh is a sweetie – he loves to cuddle!!!  He’s at his happiest when he’sitting on me, snuggled up under my chin.  He also gives me kisses and loves to be petted.

Little Shiloh (above) is the most adorable little creature I’ve ever known.  He is absolutely gorgeous – a solid buttercup yellow with a rose-colored ring around his neck, a red beak, and blue eyes with an outer lining of pink.  People who see him marvel at how beautiful he is.  He adores me, and will cuddle up to me when I hold him.  I had to board him for over a month in a place that boards only birds, and the owner told me she had never seen such an adorable Indian ringneck and that I am very lucky to have him.

Birds are wonderful pets, but you have to be a true animal lover to get the most out of owning one.  They need a lot of attention; you cannot just leave them in a cage all of the time and expect them to be perfect on the rare occasion that you decide to get them out.  Macaws (like Emmett) want to be treated like family members.  They want to eat dinner with you and be with you all of the time.  I have a parrot stand on wheels that I use to keep Emmett near me.  I have not had Emmett for very long; he had belonged to an elderly man who brought him into a bird store, crying because he loved Emmett so much but was too ill to care for him.  The store owner promised to give him a good home.  The elderly man passed away the next day, and I wound up with him because I had boarded Shiloh there and they could tell Shiloh was treated well.  Emmett talks very well, but I can tell he hasn’t been handled much; my hands are covered with bites.  I enjoy holding my birds, so I am teaching Emmett that it’s okay to be held and petted.  I bought the bird stand to keep him near me, so he would lose his fear of me.  He’s coming around nicely, and will lean forward and hold his beak out for me to kiss if I tell him I want a kiss.  I have also held Shiloh a lot, and he is a cuddler!  Shiloh has never talked (although his species is supposed to be a good talker), but he certainly makes up for it in love and snuggles!!!  If you are a true animal lover, a bird is for you.  They have a lot of personality and are very intelligent (whoever came up with that term “birdbrain” never had one for a pet).


I’m adding a couple of videos of my birds.  Emmett is my blue and gold macaw (a large parrot) and Shiloh is my lutino mutant Indian ring necked parakeet (a type of small parrot).  Please watch Emmett’s video until it stops because he says a phrase at the very end.  Birds make wonderful pets; they are very entertaining and intelligent.

Click this link:  emmett (8-11-2012 6-42 PM)

Click this link:  Shiloh August 12.wmp



We had this cat for a long time. A friend found him as a stray in Florida in 1998 and we lost him in early 2013. He was full-grown when he was found, so he was at least 16 years old.  He was very laid back, and loved children.

Teddy Bear and Susie Q as newborns in July, 2008

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