John Denver and Love

“There has never been a time on Earth like we see today. What we need are more ways to experience our interconnectedness – it is a precursor to deep love. So in this quickening light, with the dawn of each new day, let us look for love. Let us no longer struggle. Let us ever become who we most want to be. As we begin to be who we truly are, the world will be a better place.” – John Denver


John Denver with Koalas

I hope that the photographer who took the above photo doesn’t mind my posting it here, as I have no information on where this came from.  I just think this is the most ADORABLE photo of John – look at that smile!!!



JD in a beautiful setting

A beautiful song about our interconnectedness, “The Flower That Shattered the Stone”  Click on this link to watch a video of this song:

This video of John playing the piano and singing is SOOOOOO romantic!!!  Gosh, I almost have to take a cold shower after watching it!!!  “For You”:

This video is of John singing “Follow Me,” which is one of my favorites of his songs.  This was recorded in 1970; his face and hair looked so perfect.


In 1994, I got a job in Florida and moved my family to Jupiter. Jupiter is a beautiful little town on the Atlantic Ocean, about 10 miles north of Palm Beach. We lived in Florida for 6 years, until I was promoted to a management position in St. Louis, Missouri.

John Denver was killed in that horrible plane crash while we lived in Florida. It was a sad and frightening time of my life. About a month before his accident I sensed something was going to happen to him, and at the time the accident happened a sudden sense of hopelessness and emptiness came upon me (it was such a strong sensation that I began to cry, although I didn’t know what had just happened).

Although my job didn’t allow me to go to Colorado for the funeral, I said goodbye to John by writing him a final fan letter, telling him that I will always love him.  I tied the letter to the string of two balloons, one shaped like an airplane and one shaped like a heart, and released them into the air.  I wept as they rose and floated out of sight.

Jupiter Lighthouse  I took these photos one night while singing to John

I was having difficulty sleeping during that time.  Jupiter has a lighthouse, and to find peace I would stand on the beach late at night, gazing at the lighthouse, and sing to John.  Through the sadness, I somehow felt he was there with me and that he could feel the love I had for him.  “Candle on the Water” was the song I sang most often to John:

I’ll be your candle on the water; my love for you will always burn
I know you’re lost and drifting, but the clouds are lifting; don’t give up, you have somewhere to turn
I’ll be your candle on the water, ’til every wave is warm and bright
My soul is there beside you, let this candle guide you; soon you’ll see a golden stream of light
A cold and friendless tide has found you; don’t let the stormy darkness pull you down.
I’ll paint a ray of hope around you, circling in the air – lighted by a prayer
I’ll be your candle on the water, this flame inside of me will grow
Keep holding on, you’ll make it; here’s my hand so take it
Look to me, reaching out to show, as sure as rivers flow,
I’ll never let you go
I’ll never let you go
I’ll never let you go

(This song was written by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn, from Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon”)

To watch the video of this song, go to

Folks, I hear so much talk about falling in love and falling out of love.
If you think you have fallen out of love with someone, then you really never loved that person to begin with.
True love never ends.

The week John Denver was killed in that horrible accident was one of the worst times of my life. I was not only grieving, but also frightened and confused about all of the feelings I’d had during the month before and the night of his accident. I couldn’t sleep for several nights. On the third night I got tired of tossing and turning in bed, so I got up. I went into the living room and turned on the TV; it was about 4:00 am and there were two news briefs. The first news brief was an announcement that the authorities had checked John Denver’s blood and had found no alcohol or drugs in his system. The second news brief was a live feed from Kennedy Space Center and the countdown of the launch of the Cassini space craft. We were living in Florida at that time, and it dawned on me that someone had told me the shuttle launches could be seen from our area. I opened the front door and looked out toward Kennedy Space Center; there was a HUGE ball of fire going up into the sky!!! It was SO brilliant, it lit up the entire Northern sky! I was so excited that I ran back into the house and screamed for my husband and son to get out of bed and look at the sky!!! By the time they got up and looked out, it wasn’t as brilliant as it had been, but they were able to see the two streams of light coming downward as the rocket boosters gave way and fell back to the earth. My husband said, “Wow, Karen – it’s like you were MEANT to see this. What chance would there have been that you would be up at this time?” The main thing that was keeping me awake was wondering where John Denver was. Was he in Heaven? Was he in hell? Was he just gone? I am a Christian, but I was in so much grief that I was beginning to have my doubts. A few days later, I was listening to John’s music and when this song played, I realized that I had gotten my answer that morning. Please listen closely to the first two lines of this song and enjoy this beautiful song that John wrote for the crew of the space shuttle Challenger.



To hear John Denver sing “Daydream,” click on this link (although I don’t care for this video, this song has a lot of meaning to me):

This song has a special meaning to me because the first time I fell in love I didn’t know how to act around someone I loved, screwed up big time, and ended up with a broken heart.  This song expresses the feelings that a man often has when in a relationship like that; it’s called “Circus”:

To hear John Denver and Placido Domingo sing “Perhaps Love,” click on this link:  

To see John Denver performing The Lord’s Prayer in American Indian sign language, click on this link:

To see John performing “Follow Me” (one of my favorite of his songs), click the following link:

I really like this video of John singing “Follow Me” because Dick Kniss is in it (Mr. Kniss is the base player).  I met Dick Kniss shortly after John’s death; he was traveling with Peter, Paul and Mary.  Sadly, I heard that Mr. Kniss passed away in January of 2012. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to meet and talk to him. One thing I’ve noticed in my life of being a John Denver fan is that whenever I meet another JD fan or someone who knew him, it feels like I’ve known them my whole life.  It’s an incredible feeling to be a part of this huge, loving family of people that were brought together by this one man.

The below link is to John Denver’s song “Today.”  The video is a very emotional one because it shows several video clips of John enjoying life.

John wrote a song about the Holy Spirit; it’s called “The Wings that Fly Us Home”  To listen to it and see the video, click on this link: 

I’m attaching another video I found of John singing “The Wings That Fly Us Home.” This one is haunting, because it is obvious to me that John was very unhappy when he was singing this. When I see videos like this, I wonder what was going on in his head. Maybe he just had a fight with his wife; I’ll probably never know. Anyway, I thought it would be worth posting this link because it shows what a sensitive human being he was.

This is a pretty song about lovers going in different directions and breaking up.  “Different Directions”:

This is another beautiful song, asking if a loved one is still with me and will they still be there.  “Singing Skies and Dancing Waters”:


THIS IS THE SONG THAT CAUSED ME TO FALL IN LOVE WITH JOHN DENVER!!!!!  IT IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!  To a young animal lover and nature lover, this was the ultimate man.  Cute, with a childlike fascination for life just as I had at age thirteen:  “How Do You Say ‘Hello’ To a Grizzly Bear?”:

Here are three stunning performances of “Eagles and Horses,” “It’s About Time,” and “Calypso” (worth watching all, believe me):



“Dancing with the Mountains”:

“Farewell Andromeda”:

“God Bless the U.S.A.”:

“Postcards From Paris” (this song has sort of a sad theme, but it makes me feel good because it is such a lovely song):

“You Done Stomped On My Heart” (the video is grainy, but I’d rather watch a grainy video than a blank screen):”

“Rhymes and Reasons” (this is a song of warmth and hope. “…and you tell me that you need me now, and you want to be my friend…” what a wonderful feeling to know someone is willing to be your friend when you tell them that you need them! I sure have had my share of rejection. This is an old song, but one of the best for all John Denver fans, “…come and stand beside us; we can find a better way…”):

Thank God I’m a Country Boy”:


“From A Distance” and “Voices that Care” (this is a cool video):

“Rocky Mountain High”:



John was a Christian; he went to a Presbyterian church when he was young.  Although he often stated that he did not believe in organized religion and sowed some wild oats during his lifetime, he never gave up his faith.  After his death, I was very down, and wondered if I would ever see him again.  Much to my surprise, I suddenly started noticing that many of his songs referenced Heaven.  Words cannot describe the comfort I have found in these songs.  Therefore, I decided it would be nice to gather as many of thse songs as I could think of together to give other fans inspiration, comfort, and hope.

I would also like to share something humorous that happened which relates to this; it actually happened prior to John’s death.  I was in a training session on dealing with stress one afternoon, and as the class was coming to an end, the instructor told everyone to close their eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine they were in Heaven.  I closed my eyes and tried to invision Heaven; in my mind, all of the angels were singing.  They all looked and sounded like John Denver!!!  Beautiful golden hair glowing with the light of Heaven; they were even wearing granny glasses!   ANGELS WEARING GLASSES!!!???   I burst out laughing!!!   Of course, the instructor was irritated with me; I had ruined this quiet, peaceful moment that everyone was supposed to be having.  Anyway, I am really glad this happened, as I always tell people that all of the angels in Heaven look and sound like John Denver – I know, because I saw them that day.

Some of these songs can also be found elsewhere in this web site, but I wanted to have this collection of Heaven songs all together for your convenience.

… and your love in my life is like Heaven to me … “Shanghai Breezes”:

… I wanted to ride on that arrow of fire right up into Heaven…  “Flying for Me”:

Our Father, who art in Heaven…  “The Lord’s Prayer” (American Sign Language):

… I’ve got a vision of Heaven and you’re living there with me….  (sorry, couldn’t find a video of John singing this that included the whole song, so I had to use this one with scenes from “The Little Mermaid”)  “Dreamland Express”:

… And the Spirit fills the darkness of the heavens … “The Wings That Fly Us Home”:

... I hear the voices of angels tenderly calling me home…  “Tenderly Calling”:

… I listened to what the Good Book said and it made good sense to me …  “Gospel Changes”:

 Like the bright star in Heaven that lights our way home …  “The Flower That Shattered the Stone”:

… Such is Spirit, such is love… “Such is Joy”:

I felt the need to put this page together because I found so many great audios and videos of John singing with the Mitchell Trio.  This was before he struck out on his own.  If you’re a folk music lover like me, you will quickly fall in love with this page.  John was YOUNG in these videos!!!
“That’s the Way It’s Gonna Be,” and “She Loves You”:

“Both Sides Now”  (John isn’t the main singer in this one; he’s the one on the left playing the guitar):

“That’s the Way It’s Gonna Be”:

“I Wish That I Knew How It Feels To Be Free”  John is YOUNG in this video!!!:

“Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream”:

“For Bobbi” (This video is from a reunion John had with the Mitchell Trio, which is a group he sang in before he went out on his own. I have to admit, I absolutely love his music from back then because it’s so clean, without a lot of backup instruments. I have always thought I was born too late, because as I turned into a teenager and began to develop my personal style, I always loved music from the 60s and was somewhat a “flower child,” although I was living in the 70s. I have always had a difficult time relating to people my own age, and have had some of my best times when I had a chance to do things with people older than me. Now those people are getting REALLY old (as I’m not a young chick myself anymore), and I feel like many people and things I love are slipping away from me (or already have slipped away from me). Anyway, please enjoy this feel-good song in it’s simple expression of pure love:

“The Bells of Rhymney” (this is a newer one, after John left the Mitchell Trio; however, I’ve included it here because he always sang this when with the trio):

“The I Was Not a Nazi Polka” (I love this song; I think it’s written so well and is very clever. This song pokes fun at the way the Nazis “played dumb” and pretended they knew nothing about the horrible things they did to Jews. I have a dear friend, Wendy, who is Jewish. I met her on a John Denver fan web site (she’s also a big JD fan) and spent some time with her in Florida and Kentucky. I always wonder how she feels when she hears what went on back when Hitler was in power; she has never told me. I am about one-half German in heritage, but my ancestors came to the US before all of that happened. However, when I hear about some of the awful things that went on back then, I’m actually ashamed of having that German blood in me. Anyway, this song IS a feel-good song because it is very humorous):

This is the Chad Mitchell Trio by themselves (no John), but this is such a lovely song.  When I have the time, I will add a page to this site just for them, as their music is wonderful.  “Four Strong Winds”:

“Mr. Tambourine Man” (audio):

“She Loves You” (audio):

1968 Philadelphia Folk Festival:  “The ’68 Nixon,” “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” and “The Love of the Common People” (audio):

“Violets of Dawn” (audio): 



Click to hear “Rhymes and Reasons” which is a song about peace:

Here’s another video of “Rhymes and Reasons,” sang when John was a little younger:


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