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Hello, Everyone! I’m Karen Sue Gahimer-Williams – a portrait artist, musician, “folkie” (folk music lover). animal lover, Christian, cook, and a JOHN DENVER FREAK!!! My friends call me Dutchy, which is a reference to John Denver’s real name – Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.  It started as a debate on the correct pronunciation of his last name, and I was soon “tagged” with this nickname. Being an artist, I have a lot of bohemian in me.  I’m not afraid to be myself.  Although it can be lonely being unique, I enjoy my life and would not trade places with anyone.  I always felt like the square peg that didn’t fit into the round hole, but following the crowd was never my style. I have very strong feelings about things and people I love.  If I love something or someone, I love it/them with a passion. Indifference is not in my vocabulary – if it’s worth my time, I dive into it with all my heart. I believe that true love is a very powerful thing, and that true love never ends. Bill Danoff wrote a song called “War Surplus Baby,” and whenever I hear that song I think of myself.  Maybe others don’t think it describes me, but I’m a hopeless romantic who has always been somewhat of a dreamer.

She’s a war surplus baby, from salvation’s army, she plays tambourine and wants to be a star,
She stepped out of the 60s from a dream world to fix these broken promises I play on my guitar.
And we made it through somehow for the bad and good, she always knew we would;
You see, she believes.
In miracles and romance, in learning how to slow dance, in sacrifice, in freedom, and in pain,
She believes in magic, and she tells me the tragic side of something beautiful never ends in vain.
Barefoot in sadness, bell bottom eyes, we did what needed to be done;
So we marched all the marches, ended all the wars, all the time believing that we won.
Don’t the times keep on changing, the stakes get much higher, it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire.
She’s my war surplus treasure, her peace is her pleasure.
In spite of all this madness, life goes on.


Although I haven’t lived a life that I would call exciting by any means, I’ve had a few unusual things happen to me in my lifetime. I’ve been called a “master storyteller,” as some people have had a hard time believing me when I’ve told them things that have happened in my life.  I don’t think any of my experiences are significant enough to write a book about, but, well – things happen to me that don’t seem to happen to other people.  I think a lot of it has to do with the gusto I put into everything and everyone I love.  Things just happen when love is involved. In this site there are links to YouTube videos of my favorite singers.  I found some good ones to put on this site, so please take a look. I hope that you find my site entertaining, and come back often as I add new things.


Karen Sue Gahimer-Williams


*CHECK OUT THIS OTHER FANTASTIC JOHN DENVER SONG, “RAVEN’S CHILD”* This song has powerful lyrics and an incredible message. CLICK ON THIS LINK:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjJxi-_wjeA&feature=player_detailpage

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  1. Don Matt says:

    Hi Karen,
    Believe it or not we are having a discussion about Fuzzy. You mention him in one of your pictures and it looks like you have your left hand on him but there is no detail.
    What kind of dog was she.
    Was she a black dog? Do have a better picture of her?

    Some friends of mine are taking a virtual walk across the country and we passed through the town of Manilla. Not much info on Manilla and your post came up.
    Thanks in advance for responding to my question about Fuzzy.

    • dutchy says:

      Fuzzy was a poodle/cocker spaniel mix. She was dark gray, medium size (probably around 30 lbs). My mother got her for me at the Humane Society in February of 1975. She was full grown and estimmated to be 1-1/2 years old at the time of adoption. She had a bad back leg that she never used, but it never slowed her down. I think it was deformed, as it was smaller than her other back leg (the vet never said much about it). She died in the late fall of 1988. I do have other photos of her and will post them on the site. I’ve been thinking about adding a page to remember past pets. Fuzzy was very faithful; she followed me everywhere I went. I got married in the summer of 1985 and my mother insisted that I leave Fuzzy with her and my father since it had been her home for so long. To this day, I wish I had said no and taken her with me, as she kept trying to get into the car as I was packing it with my belongings, and then she chased the car down the road as far as she could. I will never forget the guilt I felt, leaving my faithful dog behind and seeing her so desperately trying to come with me. Thank you for your interest in my site. Karen

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