Almost Heaven, West Virginia …

This page is devoted to the beautiful state of West Virginia, which was the theme of John Denver’s most popular song “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” I lived in West Virginia for three years and, although I learned from that experience that I am not quite the country girl I had always thought I was, I can not deny that the state is beautiful. The first of these photos were taken one fall day while my husband and I were driving through and around the Canaan Valley. The last three photos (the covered bridge and the lakes) were taken in the town where we lived, Bridgeport.

To watch a video of “Take Mes Home, Country Roads,” click this link: It’s a little grainy, but features Bill and Taffy Danoff, who were the co-writers and backups to this song.

This is John Denver singing part of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” at the opening ceremony of Mountaineer Field at West Virginia University in 1980.  I enrolled my son there when we moved to West Virginia, and when he found out they sing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” there at the end of every winning game, he accused of enrolling him there just because of that!!!  The truth was, WVU had a great Software Engineering program – the John Denver stuff was just an added bonus!!!

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